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Hi there! I’m Tiff Pritchett, a Brooklyn-based designer and art director who loves to examine the world through visual experimentation, compassion, and a sense of humor 🐛 

Currently, I spend my time as a Studio Coordinator at Droga5 where I assist in studio edits, recording sessions, and film shoots. Before trying my hand in production, I interned at FCB Chicago as an Art Director, where I worked on clients such as Glad, Blue Bunny, Cox, Kimberly-Clark and even New Business. Prior to that, I was a Digital Marketing Intern at Austin Eastciders, where I helped develop and position one of the city’s most beloved brands. 

While working in the above roles, along with my time creating student ad campaigns in the Texas Creative Program, I’ve developed a hefty arsenal of skills that I’m constantly polishing up and adding to. Some of my capabilities include: conceptual thinking, illustration, poster + print design, branding + visual identity development, video editing, prop + set styling, deck design, package design, and brand positioning + strategy. 

If you’d like a more thorough run-down of my professional endevors, check out my resume, or if you’d like to chat, shoot me an email! (Hate mail accepted but not encouraged.)

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Beyond the confines
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As someone with an embarrassingly terrible memory, I’ve developed a sort of obsession with bookmarking my favorite media discoveries on the world wide web™. It’s a way for me to not only document what inspires me most but also connect with others who enjoy similar things or, on extra lucky occasions, introduce someone to something that sticks with them.

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