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designer + art director


More Projects

Welcome to the home of my one-off side projects that I very much love + care for but aren’t quite big enough to live on their own (yet). 

Cover Art
Branding + Visual Identity
Logo Design
Video Production

Traditional Art

Spotify Covers

Since 2019, I’ve been regularly curating playlists and, before quarantine, I would spend hours searching through Instagram and Pinterest for the perfect cover image. Nowadays, I’ve been designing covers myself! Here’s a selection of a few of my favorites: 

Check out the featured playlists:
“6. take care of yourselves”  
“the middle of the lake”
“twenty-three in quarantine”
“8. get ya steps in”


Designed for Y2K-inspired resin accessory and home brand, IMakeTackyThings, I crafted a visual identity that utilizes a retro-futurism aesthetic with smooth gradients, chrome lettering, and early-2000s-esque fonts. These elements in combination with soft pastels and feminine icons nod to the shop’s uniquely nostalgic and sparkly product line.


MAIP Video

For the 2019 Multicultural Advertising Internship Program (MAIP) application, I was asked to create a short video that illustrates who I am to the selection committee. My application was accepted and I received an offer from FCB Chicago.

2am Vnlla.

In 2019, I designed a few album covers for 2am Vnlla. Check out “Boxer” on Spotify to see which one Ruben ultimately went with!

Oil + Watercolor Painting

In my motivated free time, I love to return to the artform that first captured my lil’ creative heart: painting. Here are a few of my favorite, humble creations :’)