Erika de Casier - Ex-Girlfriend
(NEW!) album campaign

creative direction, video editing, art direction, tour visuals


For Erika de Casier’s third single, “Ex-Girlfriend”, from her 2024 album Still, I was tasked with creating a music video concept that prominently features both Erika and Shygirl. Collaborating with Isa Castro-Cota, we crafted a visual narrative inspired by the iconic 1996 Kate Moss x Nick Knight fashion film, The More Visible They Make Me, The More Invisible I Become. Our concept, in the same vein as our reference, explores voyeuristic culture, but in this instance focusing on the idea of digitally spying on an ex-lover. To visually evoke this surveillance concept, we utilized a combination of miniDV and HD camera footage, alongside pixelated and glitch textures. Additionally, since Erika and her team were so impressed with how the music video extended the Still universe, we were tasked with creative directing Erika’s stage visuals for her US, EU, and UK tour, including both of her Coachella performances. We worked with fashion houses to style Erika and partnered lighting techs to create the best ambiance to compliment our background visuals, which I edited together myself.

Daughter - Stereo Mind Game
album campaign

creative direction, video editing, animation, producing, art direction


Upon the release of Daughter's 2023 album, Stereo Mind Game, 4AD tasked me with spearheading a complete video campaign for the record. This included the creation of three music videos, nine visualizers, ten Spotify canvases, additional DSP content, social cutdowns, TV ads, and more. The band's vision was to create a tapestry of “fragmented, personal reflections on the complexities of human connection and disconnection,” conveying “a memory that one wants to hold on to, but which never reveals itself entirely to the viewer.” To realize this atmospheric aesthetic, I leaned into collage-inspired layering, textural overlays, analog content capture, and synaesthetic editing techniques. The end result was a dreamy, nostalgic kaledescope-world which spanned across every video asset within the campaign. 

NADAAM - We Are Goat People
ad campaign

creative direction, art direction

Our aim for NADAAM’s campaign was twofold: to showcase the brand’s commitment to delivering the finest, most sustainable cashmere while infusing a playful, offbeat message that resonates with our audience: Enter, goat people. NAADAM's not just unique because of their top-notch quality and unbeatable prices——they're the only knitwear brand staffed by honest-to-god, half-man, half-goat hybrids. Casting for goat people posed a unique challenge, but through a blend of CGI wizardry and expert props and styling, we brought our cashmere-clad friends to life in a way that's both imaginative and unforgettable.

Lovevery - Every Moment
ad campaign

creative direction, art direction

Utilizing a rhyming narrative akin to a beloved children's book, we whimsically portray the delights of early parenthood, evoking a sense of playful nostalgia. Sound design takes center stage, imbuing Lovevery toys with a tangible presence and enhancing the immersive experience. Departing from the brand's customary bright and vivid aesthetic, we chose to evolve towards a warmer ambiance, aiming to pull at parents’ heartstrings.

Droga5 - Born Between Worlds
event branding

art direction, graphic design

May marks Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month. Hyphen, Droga5’s AAPI affinity group, celebrated the month by developing the theme “Born Between Worlds,” a recognition and exploration of its hyphenated identities. The month consisted of a calendar of events and content that sought to educate D5 employees on AAPIs’ lesser-known history and highlight the contributions AAPIs have made in culture.

Mdou Moctar x Black Midi - Collab Videos
short-form narrative

video editing, art direction

On the heels of two recent North American tours, black midi's Morgan Simpson and Mdou Moctar's Souleymane Ibrahim connected for the first in Chicago at Electrical Audio for a momentous drum session. After some set-up and impromptu free-styling, Simpson and Ibrahim collaborated, drumming to tracks from their respective albums: "Sugar/Tzu" from black midi's Hellfire and "Chismiten" from Mdou Moctar's Afrique Victime. Keen to document this significant encounter, Matador and Rough Trade tasked me with creating two mini-documentary pieces to capture the essence of their collaboration——marked by rhythmic mastery, contagious energy, and undeniable charisma.

A. Savage - Thanksgiving Prayer
music video

creative direction, video editing, producing, art direction

For the lead single off of A. Savage’s Several Songs About Fire, Rough Trade asked me to direct a silent-movie-inspired music video for “Thanksgiving Prayer”. Embracing noir aesthetics, we employed pierrot-inspired make-up, shadow puppetry, and hand-drawn intertitles to capture a theatrical quality. By utilizing high-contrast lighting, we aimed to create a ghostly effect, accentuating our performers' appearance as if their heads were floating in a black-box theater setting. This haunting visual accompaniment resonates with the eerie and bittersweet nature of the song.

Rebag - The Way It Should Be
ad campaign

creative direction, art direction, graphic design

Our campaign showcases Rebag's luxury goods as timeless masterpieces. Our serene sand garden studio build embraces the brand's neutral palette and natural textures, allowing the products to take center stage. With our stylized text treatments and voiceover, we affirm to luxury buyers that Rebag is the ultimate destination for high-end resale shopping.