Daughter - Stereo Mind Game
album campaign

creative direction, video editing, animation, producing


For Daughter’s 2023 album Stereo Mind Game, 4AD asked me to create a full video campaign upon its release, which included three music videos, nine visualizers, ten Spotify canvases, additional DSP content, social cutdowns, and video ads——all on a shoestring budget. The band wanted the assets to feel like “fragmented thoughts, photographs and memories——a collage of personal observations on human connection and disconnection... a memory that one wants to hold on to, but which never reveals itself entirely to the viewer.” To create that dreamy vibe, I leaned into collage-inspired layering, textural overlays, miniDV content capture, and “synaestetic editing” (synchronizing music and visuals). 

A. Savage - Thanksgiving Prayer
music video

creative direction, video editing, producing

For the lead single off of A. Savage’s Several Songs About Fire, Rough Trade asked me to direct a silent-movie-inspired music video for “Thanksgiving Prayer”. To achieve the look, we utilized noir lighting, pierrot-inspired make-up, shadow puppetry, and hand-drawn intertitles. We wanted to go for a high-contrast look to give our players a ghostly appearance, almost as if their heads are floating against our black-box theatre setting, as accompaniment to the eerie and bittersweet nature of the song. 

Mdou Moctar x Black Midi - Collab Videos
short-form narrative

art direction, video editing

black midi’s Morgan Simpson and Mdou Moctar’s Souleymane Ibrahim connected for the first time in Chicago at Electrical Audio on the heels of a recent North American tour. After some set-up and impromptu free-styling, Simpson and Ibrahim drummed to songs together from their respective albums: “Sugar/Tzu” from black midi’s Hellfire and “Chismiten” from Mdou Moctar’s Afrique Victime. In order to mark the momentous introduction, Matador and Rough Trade asked me to create two mini-doc pieces around the collab.

NADAAM - We Are Goat People
ad campaign

art direction

NADAAM is a more sustainable and ethical cashmere company that makes real world positive impact. Our team was asked to rethink what it means to tell a story around cashmere, and to deliver something completely out of the box. Ultimately, the NADAAM team wanted their audience to come away impacted by striking visuals that might make one ask them self, “What did I just see?” It needed to be memorable, informative, and humorous. Creatively solving to marry the fantastical execution with the brand’s substantial reasons to believe was both a joy and a challenge. 

Lovevery - Every Moment
ad campaign

art direction

Using a rhyming script reminiscent of a children's book, we highlight the joys of early parenthood in a playful, nostalgic way. We leaned heavily on sound design to bring the tactile nature of Lovevery toys to life. Departing from the brand's usual bright and overly saturated look, we chose to evolve towards a warmer vibe to pull at parents’ heartstrings.

Rebag - The Way It Should Be
ad campaign

art direction, graphic design

Our campaign positions Rebag's luxury goods as timeless works of art. Our soothing sand garden studio build leans into the brand's neutral colors and natural textures, while letting the products shine. Then, our stylized text treatment and voiceover reassures luxury buyers that Rebag is simply the best way to shop resale.

Droga5 - Born Between Worlds
event branding

art direction, graphic design

May marks Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month. Hyphen, Droga5’s AAPI affinity group, celebrated the month by developing the theme “Born Between Worlds,” a recognition and exploration of its hyphenated identities. The month consisted of a calendar of events and content that sought to educate D5 employees on AAPIs’ lesser-known history and highlight the contributions AAPIs have made in culture.