For the brand's second round of TV spots, NADAAM took off the creative handcuffs. They wanted a campaign that defied every norm of fashion marketing: no vacant model looks, no predictable studio set-up, and certainly no cliché close-ups of hands caressing knitwear. The goal? To create something that makes viewers go "whoa".

We Are Goat People
Our aim was twofold: to showcase NADAAM's commitment to delivering the finest, most sustainable cashmere while infusing a playful, offbeat message that resonates with our audience: Enter, goat people. NAADAM's not just unique because of their top-notch quality and unbeatable prices——they're the only knitwear brand staffed by honest-to-god, half-man, half-goat hybrids. Casting for goat people posed a unique challenge, but through a blend of CGI wizardry and expert props and styling, we brought our cashmere-clad friends to life in a way that's both imaginative and unforgettable.
creative direction
art direction

Jenna Josepher
Emily Draper 
Chris Watts
Annmarie Stec

Quirk Creative

:30 ad placement on linear TV and CTV/OTT