A. Savage - Thanksgiving Prayer

For the lead single off of A. Savage’s Several Songs About Fire, Rough Trade asked me to direct a silent-movie-inspired music video for “Thanksgiving Prayer”. Embracing noir aesthetics, we employed pierrot-inspired make-up, shadow puppetry, and hand-drawn intertitles to capture a theatrical quality. By utilizing high-contrast lighting, we aimed to create a ghostly effect, accentuating our performers' appearance as if their heads were floating in a black-box theater setting. This haunting visual accompaniment resonates with the eerie and bittersweet nature of the song.

press pick-ups from Far Out, Pitchfork, Stereogum, Brooklyn Vegan, Treble, and more

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Rough Trade

Official quote from A. Savage himself:
“The video is directed by a brilliant young director Tiff Pritchett, and she had this idea to sort of do a silent film tribute. The scene from Renoir’s film Rules of the Game where Danse Macabre is played was referenced, as was Klaus Nomi.”

Director/Editor/Producer:   Tiff Pritchett
Director of Photography:    David Spector
1st Assistant Camera:       Evan Wilkins
Lead Actor (as himself):    A. Savage
Saxophonist:                Jeff Tobias
Drummer:                    Annie Hart
Bassist:                    Kelsa Kuchera
Makeup Artist:              Isa Castro-Cota
Production Assistant:       Hunter Reed
Prop assistants:            Pam Garavano
                            Melanie Sheehan      
                            Ryan Naideau

Supplemental Social Media Content Around Album Release
edited by me, live on IG @asavageindex


Apple Music Artist Motion
edited by me, footage from the “Elvis in the Army” music video