Erika de Casier - Still

For Erika de Casier’s third single, “Ex-Girlfriend”, from her 2024 album Still, I was tasked with creating a music video concept that prominently features both Erika and Shygirl. Collaborating with Isa Castro-Cota, we crafted a visual narrative inspired by the iconic 1996 Kate Moss x Nick Knight fashion film, The More Visible They Make Me, The More Invisible I Become, which was released alongside the Vogue editorial ‘Courrèges Edge’. Our concept, in the same vein as our reference, explores voyeuristic culture, but in this instance focusing on the idea of digitally spying on an ex. To visually evoke this surveillance concept, we utilized a combination of miniDV and HD camera footage, alongside pixelated and glitch textures. Additionally, we styled Erika in several Courrèges pieces as a nod to the original editorial spread, as well as to momentum with the brand and build upon the continued collaboration after Erika performed at their 2024 Copenhagen Fashion Week dinner. 

press pick-ups from W Magazine, Interview Magazine, Pitchfork, NPR, Chicago Reader, Northern Transmissions, With Guitars, and more internationally  

video direction
creative direction
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music video premiere featured a YouTube chatbox with Erika and Shygirl interacting directly with fans

“Although de Casier lays bare her anxious thinking and introverted tendencies throughout Still, she also steps into the spotlight, adopting an icy and futuristic visual persona inspired by Hype Williams videos. In the new music video for “Ex-Girlfriend,” her track with Shygirl, de Casier appears model-esque as she croons about being tempted by an old flame. ‘It felt like I was doing a movie,’ de Casier says of shooting the video directed by Isa Castro-Cota and Tiff Pritchett. ‘There’s always a little bit of acting, being in front of a camera—or at least, trying to act natural.’
W Magazine, Erika on “Ex-Girlfriend”

Director: Tiff Pritchett + Isa Castro-Cota
Editor: Tiff Pritchett
Colourist: Jack K.N.
Producer: Isa Castro-Cota + Jono Canning
Associate Producer: Sadie Bryant
DOP: Buster Grey-Jung
Gaffer: Israel Wilson
Camera + Lightning Assistant: Lorenzo Garrido
B Cam Operator/Camera Assistant: Anna Peterson
Runner: Theo Thompson + Cath Shayler
PA: Amy Krawczyk + Lilly Williams + Billy Young
MUA - Erika de Casier: Isa Castro-Cota
HMU - Shygirl: Shahiyan Maso + Luz Giraldo
Stylist - Erika: Erika  + Isa Castro-Cota
Stylist - Shygirl: Nell Kalonji
Styling Assistant - Shygirl: Ezra Spearpoint

Supplemental Social Media Content Around Video Release
posted on Erika de Casier, Shygirl, and 4AD’s social channels

Creative Stage Direction

To extend the Still universe to the stage, Erika tasked us with creative directing her US, EU, and UK tour, including both of her Coachella performances. We worked with fashion houses to style Erika and partnered lighting techs to create the best ambiance to compliment our background visuals, which I edited together myself. We made sure that the tone of each song was complimented by stiriking videos that enhanced the concert experience.  


Apple Music - Artist Motion

artist motion edited together by me using footage from the “Lucky” music video