Droga5 — Born Between Worlds

May marks Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month. Hyphen, Droga5’s AAPI affinity group, celebrated the month by developing the theme “Born Between Worlds,” a recognition and exploration of its hyphenated identities. The month consisted of a calendar of events and content that sought to educate D5 employees on AAPIs’ lesser-known history and highlight the contributions AAPIs have made in culture.

For the design system, I was inspired by the Japanese printing style called Risograph, a technique that creates a myriad of color combinations using only a limited palette. Each of the three colors in the system aligns with the month’s three core objectives: to inspire (pink), to educate (blue), and to investigate (yellow). The convergence colors shows how each piece of programming hits on these objectives and subsequently creates a unique color intersection that represents the hyphenated lives many AAPI’s lead.

graphic design
art direction
content creation

Droga5’s AAPI Affinity Group: Hyphen

Tiff Pritchett
Albie Eloy
Daniel Seong

IG round-up carousel that gives an overview of the month’s manifesto and programming

Chat & Chew: Hyphen x Q5"—a discussion led by Hyphen (D5's AAPI affinity group) and Q5 (D5's LGBTQIA+ affinity group) on the experience of 
intersecting identities across Gender Fluidity, Queerness and Transness. The design for this banner is inspired by both Q5's 
pre-existing gradient branding and Hyphen's "Born Between World’s.
Banner for "The Price of Visibility"—A discussion with Bing Chen and Michelle Lee on Asian American representation in media and how 
debilitating portrayals of the AAPI community in the past have contributed to how Asian people are seen today, as well as the demand for 
more authentic storytelling and representation.
Banner for "The Virus of Hate"—A panel with Joo Han, Mina Fedor, and Sung Yeon Choimorrow examining how historical events have shaped 
the current AAPI experience and answering the crucial question: where can we go from here?
Banner for "Hypenated Sounds"—a discussion lead by Professor of Ethnomusicology Anaar Desai-Stephens to shed some light on hidden AAPI roots 
of some of our most popular songs and show how music from the past, present and future is and has been influenced by the AAPI experience.

Fashion Story: Sabrina Lau

A series of photojournalism IG stories showing that what we wear (and why) is ultimately a reflection of who we are. For many AAPIs, navigating the complex intersections of our Asian/Pacific Islander and American identities have influenced our sense of style. In this story, we asked Sabrina Lau how her identity comes to life through her fashion choices. 

Story by  Sarah Khan
Photos by Paul McGeiver

Hyphen’s top 10

A series of IG stories showcasing Hyphen members favorite films and TV shows that authentically feature AAPI experiences, stories and talent.