Pro-Bono Design

Being someone who is passionate about driving positive social change, I’m constantly looking for oppotunities to volunteer my time and skills to various causes. Below are a selection of works I’ve made to educate and inspire action, along with places to donate and informational resources to check out.

poster design
content creation

Typhoon Ulysses Relief Fund

I created these posters for Cabalen, a family-run Filipino restaurant located in McAllen, Texas who was raising money for 2020 typhoon relief iniatives.

Read about the impact of Typhoon Ulysses here and consider donating to Project Hero, an organziation dedicated to providing relief goods to babies and mothers in need. 

Reparations Infographic

During the height of the BLM movement in the summer of 2020, I joined Design to Divest, a Black-led collective focused on “creating an equitable society through the divestment of inequitable systems and institutions.” For this specific initiative, designers were tasked to create infographics educating their non-black social communities about the importance of creating an ongoing reparations plan.

The original post received 8,793 likes, 10,044 saves, was shared 7,587 times and reached over 40,000 accounts.

For additional education on reparations, I highly recommend reading Ta-Nehisi Coates’ Atlantic article, “The Case for Reparations”.

Defund Houston Police Infographic

Created for Houston Activist @sooogina’s intiative to garner support in defunding HPD, I designed this post encouraging Houstonians to contact their city officials demanding for a police budget cut.

Check out this great article from the ALCU on why defunding the police would actually make our communities safer and I encourage you to give financial support to The ACLU of Texas.