Scrunch Aren Scrunch

Given that ScrunchArenScrunch is an accessory and home brand that exclusively uses second-hand and deadstock fabrics, I aimed to develop a visual identity that mirrors the company's distinctive vintage style. Drawing inspiration from the abundant fabric remnants primarily obtained from the South, I looked to old trucker patches for ideas, incorporating vibrant colors and playful illustrations, creating graphic stickers as a key brand motif. This blend of refreshed classic elements pays homage to nostalgic DIY aesthetics while enhancing the brand's secondhand ethos.

creative direction
art direction
graphic design

Scrunch Aren Scrunch

IG posts designed to launch the rebrand and announce a new scrunchie release

IG stories to explain the Scronch Box order process, which is now highlighted on the shop’s IG page for easy access

packaging designed for the year-round and holiday scronch boxes

stickers designed to be included in scronch box orders