Official Videos for Catalogue Rereleases
utilizing primarily archival and stock footage to create something new and distinct for fan-loved faves

4AD, Matador
creative direction, editing

Pale Saints - Kinky Love (Demo) 

To commemorate the 30th Anniversary Expanded Edition of Pale Saints' In Ribbons, 4AD sought to unveil an official video for “Kinky Love (Demo),” showcasing Ian Masters' vocals in lieu of Meriel Barham's original track. Drawing inspiration from the psychedelic hues, layered visuals, and dreamy imagery of the original 1991 video, the visual aesthetic of this new rendition captures an enchanting fusion of vibrant colors and a sin-infested garden-of-Eden atmosphere.

“In a filmic jaunt conceived and spliced by Tiff Pritchett, one finds oneself in a woozy, phantasmagorical parade of halfway-there images… an innocent cherub, twirling lovers, blooms of fancy, a meandering millipede, a rat indulging its palate, ants feasting upon a discarded apple core, billows in the sky, and a black feline… with an eye perhaps on a ratty hors d’oeuvre.”

Fucked Up - Black Albino Bones

To mark the 15th anniversary edition of Fucked Up's Chemistry of Common Life, Matador Records sought to produce an official video for the band's iconic track, “Black Albino Bones.” In a nod to the early 2000s punk scene, I assembled footage from the original 2008 DIY music video, snippets from the band's infamous 12-hour show, and incorporated artistic references that influenced Fucked Up during the album's creation.

Visualizers + Lyric Videos

Matador, XL
art direction, editing, animating

Water From Your Eyes - Everyone’s Crush [album visualizers]


Upon the release of Water From Your Eyes’ Everyone’s Crushed, Matador Records commissioned the creation of visualizers for the non-single tracks. Drawing inspiration from the imagery of Old Hollywood Westerns, suburban decay, and the remnants of consumer culture, the visuals were meticulously crafted to evoke a sense of nostalgic dystopia. To accentuate the swelling crescendos of the tracks, pixelated swirls were implemened, dynamically twisting and contorting in sync with the music, ensuring a captivating visual experience that resonates throughout the videos. Additionally, these visuals were utilized for the album’s Spotify canvases. 

DJ Florentino - Constrictor (ft. BAMBII & KD One) [track lyric video]

For Florentino’s 2022 single “Contrictor (ft. BAMBII & KD One)”, XL tasked me with creating a lyric video for the track. Drawing inspiration from the single's artwork, the video prominently features a snake skin texture synchronized with the song’s beat, a custom rotating chrome logo, and a neon box displaying the scrolling lyrics. 

not dvr - wishuwerehere [track lyric video]

For not dvr’s 2023 single “wishuwerehere”, XL commissioned a lyric video for the track. The visualizer incorporates dynamic elements inspired by the single's artwork, accompanied by textured lyrics to accompany the grainy visuals. 

Performance Videos
Matador, Rough Trade
video editing

Lucy Dacus - Night Shift Live at the Wiltern Theater

Video edit of Lucy Dacus’ “Night Shift” performance at the Wiltern Theater in LA 
Released for the 5yr anniversary of the album Historian

This Is The Kit - Stuck In A Room (Acoustic Session Live From Minack Theatre)

Acoustic session edit of This Is The Kit’s “Stuck In A Room” performed at Minack Theatre

Lifeguard - 'Live at Electrical Audio' (Full Session)

Nine-song edit for Lifeguard’s Bandcamp livestream, playing songs from their EPs Dressed in Trenches and Crowd Can Talk
Performed at Chicago’s Electrical Audio